What Can You Repair Yourself?

Kids love to play with their beloved stuffed animals, but sometimes they can get a bit too rough and cause tears or dirt. To keep your child happy, it's important to store and repair these toys, as they often have an emotional attachment to them. Your tools may be stored in the shed and not cleaned regularly, leading to dirt and rust accumulation. To prevent this, you can use simple maintenance tricks instead of buying new tools every season.

Start by wiping down your supplies with a cloth to remove dust or dirt. If you notice rust, sand it or scrape it off. Jewelry can also rust or lose pieces over time, making it look dull without proper maintenance. To keep it looking its best, store it in a box instead of on your dresser.

If all you need for your shoes is polish and shine, you can easily do it yourself. If the heel is coming loose, you can use Shoe Goo as a temporary solution to make them last longer and save money on buying new shoes. Clothing items are also great items to repair rather than replace. Whether it's children's clothing or your favorite jeans, simple repairs can extend the life of your garments.

Fixing your clothes can make them look like new again and save them from being thrown away. If your dishwasher or washing machine has suddenly stopped working, you may be tempted to buy a new replacement appliance right away. However, you can repair it the same way you did with clothes - if the tear is large or a long section has frayed, using a sewing machine will make the process much faster. I personally like to fix everything I can - recently I fixed a hole in a sock! I'm picky about socks so I don't like to buy them - I was able to fix the hole in about 5 minutes using fine thread and a closed stitch (no knots) and simply knitting back and forth to fill the hole.

Judy Laubach
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