What Types of Materials are Used for Repairing Concrete Structures?

When it comes to repairing concrete structures, there are a variety of materials that can be used. These include unmodified Portland cement mortar or grout, latex-modified Portland cement mortar or concrete, non-retractable quick-setting mortar and polymer concrete. The selection of the right material depends on its performance, cost, compatibility with the damaged structure and ease of application. Cement and steel are two of the most commonly used materials for repair work on construction sites.

Depending on the conditions, non-shrinkable cement or a mixture similar to aluminum powder in ordinary Portland cement may be suitable. Steel is available in different shapes such as bolts, rods, angles, channels, expanded metal and welded wire cloth. Wood and bamboo are also popular materials for temporary supports and scaffolding. The repair material can be tailored to meet the requirements for repairing different types of concrete damage. Portland cement mortar or grout is the most common repair material used for this purpose.

Therefore, successful repair work requires not only an excellent selection of repair materials but also an appropriate execution procedure.

Judy Laubach
Judy Laubach

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