What are the examples of repair?

An example of a repair is a fixed brake system in a car. As E magazine asked a few years ago, what happened to fixing things? Travel to the developing world and you'll see many examples of patched products that offer extended service, from improvised plumbing to redesigned clothing. Our grandparents and great-grandparents were probably very adept at fixing things, as stores and funds were often limited. However, in today's United States, the abundance of cheap manufactured goods, a consumer culture, and relatively high labor costs have conspired to make us a bunch of wasters.

Repairing, repairing, repairing, rebuilding means putting in good order something that is injured, damaged or defective. Repairing involves making something whole or sound broken, torn, or injured. Once the broken dress has been repaired, the repair applies to the repair of more extensive damage or deterioration. Repairing the rear step patch often involves temporarily repairing a hole or break with new material.

Reconstructing worn jeans with patches suggests making them like new without completely replacing them. A rebuilt car engine Some spelling problems in English cannot be solved.

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