What are the essential parameters for maintenance and repair materials?

For effective and sustainable repair, the workability of repair materials must be good. To obtain good workability, a mixture must be added to the repair material. If the permeability of the repair material is high, water, chemicals, CO2, oxygen, industrial gas, etc., easily enter the structure, such as the RCC. These chemicals affect the reinforcement of concrete.

The pH value of the concrete surrounding the reinforcement is greater than 11.5 so that the steel does not corrode. The repair material must not reduce the alkalinity of the base material. Alkaline factors are important for all types of repair work and the selection of repair material. The setting and hardening time of the repair material should be minimal, since the repaired structure can be used quickly and reduce the downtime of machinery, buildings or roads.

Do not buy the cheapest repair material, first check that the repair material is durable or not, then buy any materials. The shrinkage property is completely affected by the durability of the repair material, which is very important for the selection of repair material. If the workability of the repair material is much lower, then the material is not easy to apply, so workability is also affected by the selection of repair material for building maintenance.

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