What are the things that we need to repair at home?

One of the best drills will be invaluable: seal windows and doors with drafts. Unclog a dishwasher that is not draining. The perfect project for a beginning carpenter, a planter should be cut to the inside width of the window frame, plus 1½ inches. Fit the pieces together with a simple butt joint.

Screw the boards and drill drain holes in the bottom. Attach the planter to the window frame with screws or sturdy brackets to ensure that your favorite flowers have a safe home. Filling in the gaps inside or waterproofing the outside is simple with a caulking gun. To use a sealant gun, pull back the plunger and insert the sealant tube.

Cut the plastic applicator at a 45-degree angle to reduce putty flow. A softer touch on the trigger allows better control of the sealant. Sealing the driveway can extend its lifespan and improve the curb appeal of your home. Make sure the weather forecast is dry, then start by repairing the cracks and washing the driveway, letting it dry overnight.

Apply the roadway sealant in small patches. Stay out of the driveway for 24 hours so you can work. Nothing says spring has arrived like freshly mulched garden beds. It's expensive to hire this job and it's something that anyone with a strong back and time can achieve.

Spread the mulch evenly, 2 to 4 inches thick, and be sure to leave space around the base of trees and shrubs for good air flow. In general, you can repair the body of a lamp the same way you would repair other items made from the materials the lamp is made of. Some of us may remove the top of the tank and look for temporary solutions, but if you follow the toilet troubleshooting in this Home Repair Tutor video, you can probably fix the problem once and for all. Finally, if the repair costs are less than 50 percent of the original purchase price, you may consider taking care of the repair yourself and hiring only someone else if you really need it.

While regularly dedicating a few hours to home maintenance and repairs may never become your favorite hobby, knowing how to make some simple corrections will lower your costs and help you get the job done on your schedule instead of the contractor's schedule. They're an important part of your home's defense against insects, so when the mosquito nets on your windows get caught, repair them.

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